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CitiAssist Loans – Understanding Citibank Student Loans


Most of the larger banks and some of the smaller private lending institutions offer various forms and options of both federal and private student loans. Citibank student loans are available under the CitiAssist Loan program, which provides a wide range of student loans for undergraduate, graduate, law and health professions and residency loans. Each of these Citibank student loans is designed to provide funding to students in different types of academic settings with qualifying requirements and either a co-signer or a good, solid credit score.

Understanding the different options with Citibank student loans requires both a good understanding of your future academic and career goals as well as a knowledge of you projected current and future income for setting realistic repayment options and deferment dates for the loan. The different Citibank student loans include:

• Undergraduate loans – to qualify for an undergraduate loan the student must be eligible for enrollment at least part-time at a fully accredited college or university as well as be at least 18 years of age and have a United States citizen as a co-signer if necessary. The co-signer as well as the student must have a valid US social security number. There are no minimum loan amounts and no maximum loan amounts, although the school will provide the cost of tuition, then any other financial aid already granted will be subtracted, leaving the total maximum amount of the loan.

• Graduate Loans – graduate Citibank student loans have the same requirements as the undergraduate loans as well as the same freedom of minimum and maximum amounts to borrow. Since many graduate students will already have established a credit rating and score a co-signer is less common on a graduate loan. The loan payments do not start until 6 months from graduation provided you are still enrolled as at least a part-time student.

• Law and Bar Study Loans – these loans are designed specifically for law students that are attending a fully accredited law school in the United States. There are some limits on these loans such as a lifetime $15,000 limit on the bar study loan option. In addition the grace period before the loan repayment starts is extended to 9 months.

• Health Professions and Residency – these loans are designed for students that are enrolled or are planning to enroll in any of the following courses of study: allopathic, dentistry, optometry, osteopathic, pharmacy, podiatry or veterinary. Residency students will need to be in at least their second year. There is also a nine month grace period for this loan option.
Choosing Citibank student loans offers flexibility and options that other lenders may not provide. Talking to a Citibank financial advisor can help in deciding which one of the loans most closely meets your educational finance needs.