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´╗┐Bank One Student Loans By Chase


Bank One student loans are also known as Education One loans and are offered by Chase Education Finance Department. The Bank One student loans operate similar to any type of private school loan in that they are based on the student and/or co-signers credit score and are independent of the type of degree or program that the student is enrolled or enrolling in. Students, based on their credit score and financial picture are able to apply for Bank One student loans to assist with any aspect of the their education.

Different students may have different requirements for financial support through Bank One student loans. Possible uses for the loan include tuition, living expense while in school, computers or special equipment, textbooks, and even transportation and paying off school fees or past tuition. In some cases students may seek more than one student loan and often a private lender such as Chase through Bank One student loans is able to offer more money than federal government loans that are limited or capped at a set amount per year.

Since Bank One student loans are unsecured, they will require a co-signer unless the student has a strong work history and is continuing to work through school or has an independent credit score. Mature students that have worked for several years and are returning to school may not require a co-signer provided they have a good credit score.

Bank One student loans or Education One loans are tied directly to interest rates and are not controlled or federally regulated like government loans to students. Because there are fewer regulations, the amounts that students can borrow is significantly higher with possible yearly loans of up to $40,000 and a lifetime total of up to $150,000. Again, all loans must be directly related to school programs and there are guidelines on how much a student can borrow based on the program they are in and the type of credit score they have.

Typically private loans such as Bank One student loans have deferment options that include both the principal and interest, principal only, or an option to begin paying both principal and interest immediately. This option typically carries the lowest interest rate as the bank begins to be repaid immediately, just like with any other type of loan. Usually once the type of loan and conditions of repayment are established, they cannot be changed so it is critical for students to take a realistic look at what amount they should borrow versus the amount that they can borrow. Private student loans are often used as supplements to federal student loans since they have a higher interest rate and are not as flexible in repayment options.

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