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Downey Savings – The Institution



Downey Savings is a federally chartered financial institution, offering premium banking services, since 1957.

In this age of internet, Downey Savings offers a vast gamut of online banking services through its website, catering to different financing, saving and mortgage needs, going up to expert knowledge and advice to some of the most critical financial decisions.

The Range of Services

Amongst its vast plethora of provisions, the staggering range of deposit accounts offered by Downy Savings is perhaps one of the most popular facilities. The bank offers some of the widest choices possible for deposit accounts, catering to various needs. The main deposit accounts offered include checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, education savings account and retirement accounts. The bank cards available from Downey Savings also offer the best of terms and efficient services to its customers.

There is also an extensive facility of availing home loans at Downey Savings, ranging from serving the refinancing needs for an existing home to providing finance for purchasing or making a new one altogether. Both, the fixed as well adjustable home loan programs are available at competitive rates for the benefits of such customers. In fact, the website of Downey Savings also offers facilities like the home loan calculators which help the customers to plan their budgets in a much better way.

Another facility for which Downey Savings is a much sought after service provider is the sale of bank-owned properties, for various purposes including building homes and investments. The online platform of Downey Savings offers comprehensive search facilities to help the customer in finding the right kind of property for himself.

In fact, the unit of Downey Savings also invites individuals to become approved wholesale mortgage brokers. Such a profile helps the concerned individual to fund loans faster and more efficiently by using Downey Loan Express and have access to ace facilities like underwriting and Loan Programs guidelines.

Apart from these, Downey Savings also offers a wide knowledge base, giving critical information to the common man about various developments such as stock information, earning releases and email alerts.

To make the entire experience of online banking with Downey Savings extremely safe, the service providers have put together comprehensive security measures, where no fraudulent visitors can use the website or any of its services.

Experience and a sound goodwill is what make the Downey Savings banking experience worth to reckon. The unit enjoys a rich legacy and strong customer base, which comprise of some of its oldest customers, while the new ones are enrolled every passing day.





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