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World Savings – The Basics



World Savings is one of the largest and most reputed financial companies in the United States. The organization recently became a part of Wachovia, which is the fourth-largest bank holding company in the United States; along with being a Fortune 500 Company being traded in the New York Stock Exchange.

World Savings and Wachovia had a major merger recently in order to be able to provide additional products and services to its customer base. As a part of the merger, all World Savings accounts have now been transferred to Wachovia and customers continue to enjoy the same services and benefits.

Provisions and Features

As a part of Wachovia, the World Savings unit offers a vast range of services and features ranging from retirement benefits to saving schemes and many more.

To begin with, the unit offers comprehensive retirement savings plans, where complete guidance is given and plans are offered to help you save for your retirement, at the same time, helping your money grow as well. The vast host of facilities offered include the likes of savings accounts, money market account, CDs and IRAs and lots more.

Moving on, to encourage and promote savings from a larger section of customers, the World Savings unit of Wachovia offers premium savings plan that offer attractive interest rates and allied schemes to attract investors. On the other hand, the likes of a high performance money market account lets you earn a competitive rate of interest, at the same allowing you complete and convenient access to your money, unlike the simple savings accounts offered by many of the banks.

In addition to all of the above, the World Savings unit also offers certificates of deposits, largely enhancing your portfolio. Such plans offer a guaranteed rate of interest along with the flexibility to choose a term that fits your investment needs. Another attractive facility offered by the unit is the Health Savings Account that lets the customers save without incurring any taxes, covering qualified medical expenses. However, such plans are only available if the customer participates in a high deductible health plan.

Some individuals even prefer to invest in the Individual Retirement Account CDs (CD IRAs) which offers predictable interest earnings, stable principal and knowing exactly what will be the earnings.

Apart from the above wide range of features, the World Savings unit of Wachovia also offers helpful tools such as a savings comparison chart and comprehensive set of pointers to help in deciding on the optimum saving plan for maximum benefit of the customers involved.


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