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Daylight Savings



The concept of day lights savings basically involves the practice of advancing the clock time to enable the afternoons to have more of day light than the mornings.

Done with an aim to conserve maximum amount of energy, this concept is said to have its foundation during World War I, with the objective to utilize the late hours to the maximum for the purpose of war production.

The Procedure

As per the system of daylight savings time, the clocks are set one hour ahead of the standard time at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March every year. This trend goes on till November, when the clocks are again set back by one hour at 2 a.m. on first Sunday of the month.

Experts suggest this procedure actually causes general sleeping time to get proponed by an hour which means that an equal amount of energy for lighting and other purposes at home is saved. Also known as the summer time in British English, the concept of daylight savings is often referred to as ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back’ in informal terms.

In this period of six-and-a-half months of daylight savings, the names of each of the time zones in the US are also changed. Hence, the Central Standard Time or the CST becomes Central Daylight Time; the Eastern Standard Time would be changed to Eastern Daylight Time and so on.

The patterns followed for adherence to the system of daylight savings might differ across various regions. For instance, in the Southern hemisphere, where the month of December witnesses the summer time, the daylight savings time is observed from October to March. New regulations and declarations are issued from time to time by the governments of various regions that define the implementation of the concept of the daylight savings in those particular regions and also explain the difference in the time patterns based in the concept.

One can easily find a number of mentions of the famous mechanism of daylight savings throughout history. The entire cycle of business and human activity gets affected once this system is brought into force. Every possible activity gets rescheduled and hence the supposed benefits come into play.

However, there are varied opinions about the supposed benefits of the daylight savings concept. Some experts insist that this concept actually leads to loss of time and efficiency, while others believe that in reality, this concept leads to a greater time for outdoor activity in the afternoons. While the opinions might differ, yet the concept of daylight savings continues to be fully in force in all the major regions of the world.






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