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´╗┐If you own a home, refinance is probably a word you've either heard of or are familiar with through your own experience. With economy slumping as it is, interest rates at banks and lending institutions are constantly changing, causing many individuals and couples to do a home refinance. A home refinance allows you to have your home mortgage refinanced. For those that are unfamiliar with a home refinance, you're borrowing money to pay off the present loan on your home and getting a new loan, usually with different interest rates and monthly payment amounts. Sometimes the term of the loan may change as well.


A home refinance may take place for a few different reasons. The main reason why most people choose a home refinance is to obtain lower interest rates and possibly lower their payments. Many times when we take out a home mortgage, we get it with a fixed interest rate for a number of years. A fixed interest rate means that our interest will always be the same regardless of what the interest on the market may be. When the interest rate on the market goes down, many choose to do a home refinance to obtain the lowest possible interest rates. What may seem like only a couple points lower in interest can make a large difference on a large loan such as a home mortgage.

Another reason many people choose to do a home refinance is to consolidate other debts. Most people owe a lot less money on their mortgage than what their home is worth. The value of your home is called equity. The difference between your home's value and the balance you owe on your mortgage can often be borrowed as "cash out" and added to your balance of your mortgage by doing a home refinance. This is the day and age of credit cards, with millions of dollars each year being put on credit cards. The unfortunate truth about credit cards is as handy as they are; the interest rates are usually very high.

Many people find themselves in debt to credit cards for thousands of dollars and with the interest rate so high, they never seem to get paid off. A solution for many is to do a home refinance and use the extra equity on the home to borrow enough money to pay off the credit card debts. Instead of having a home mortgage payment and numerous monthly credit card bills, the borrower now has only one monthly payment. Lenders will often suggest debt consolidation loans as a way to help the borrower to improve their credit scores as well.