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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?


As we all know, a real estate agent assists clients in buying, selling, or leasing properties. He plays a significant role in assuring a successful real estate transaction. A residential real estate agent works with homeowners while commercial real estate agents transact with people who operate in an office or building. To ensure a successful real estate transaction, real estate agents must familiarize themselves with their duties and responsibilities. What are the responsibilities of a real estate agent?

Responsibilities of a real estate agent

Firstly, an agent must secure the best possible price and terms that both the buyer and seller will agree. He assures that his clients are provided with all the information regarding the price and negotiation. Secondly, an agent must also reveal to its buyer the overall condition of the property, be it negative or positive. Next, he is also required to disclose all necessary information about the seller. Meanwhile, an agent is not allowed to reveal personal information of the purchaser unless with permission. He must also let the seller know the information required by the purchaser’s agent.

An agent must keep himself informed of the market all the time. This will help him know what properties are sold, what are the new listings, fluctuations in values, and other significant activities in the market. A real estate agent also assists in the administering of property inspection and the reviewing of legal documents regarding the transactions.

What skills must a real estate agent possess?

Firstly, a real estate agent must secure a real estate license in order to operate legally. It is also important for him to have good verbal communication and negotiation skills. He must possess the knowledge on how to create and perform excellent presentations with good manners. He must also have the ability to create networks. Regarding this, an agent should be knowledgeable about how to take care of his clients effectively. He also needs the motivation and determination to complete all transactions effectively. No less important, organizational skills and a nose for details are also required of a real estate agent. Although not necessary, it is better that he has an ongoing education in real estate business. This can help him earn more knowledge about the real estate industry, which in turn can make him more professional and qualified to take care of his clients’ needs. It is common that clients will put their confidence and trust in an agent who doesn’t stop from learning. Knowledge of economy will also contribute significantly to the success of a real estate agent.