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Colorado Real Estate Market Trend


Colorado’s majestic peaks extend so high that its average elevation is more than a mile above sea level, making it the state with the highest elevation in the United States. In contrast to this exceptional elevation, experts believe that Colorado real estate is declining at the moment.

In the year 2007 during the month of October, the Colorado real estate market in terms of residential properties had revealed signs of decline. During the year, overall sales of residential houses dropped by 25 percent. This translates to just 3,737 houses. On the other hand, the mean selling price of residential homes declined by six percent as well. This is equivalent to $278,615, dropping from $329,783 of the previous month. On the other hand, Colorado real estate market in terms of condominium market witnessed an overall of 3,453 real estates undergoing contract, which is nearly 20 percent less than previously recorded.
Accordingly, real estate in Colorado only experienced five to seven percent of appreciation. In addition, there are places in Colorado where there is no appreciation at all. Truly, the only time that the Colorado real estate is on a rise is during the winter season when people gather to look for a home.
For the year 2008, some real estate experts remain optimistic towards the progress of the Colorado real estate market. Greg Hahn, a real estate guru and co-owner of ReMax of Pueblo, predicted the continuous development of Colorado real estate. Some experts have also explained that the overall decline of the Colorado real estate industry does not affect every area of the state as there is continued progress in the real estate market in Boulder. Although earnings are manifested slowly, it still exhibits signs of progress in contrast to other places in Colorado. This is considered favorable as long as the market is not stagnant.
On the other hand, in January 2008, the Cortez Journal Online reported an escalation in the unemployment rate of Colorado. Accordingly, the Vectra Bank Colorado Small Business Index for the state approximated a 4.1 percent increase during the recent months. This increase in the unemployment rate will be a positive factor in the index as it implies higher access to work in terms of small industries. This goes to show the high possibility of job opportunities that migrants can take advantage of after they move to Colorado.

The residential real estate market provides Boulder with a minute surplus of homes to purchasers. This surplus would be to the advantage of buyers as they will get various options to choose from, and this comes with formidable prices as well. Boulder’s real estate market justifies that Colorado real estate is still showing signs of progress in certain aspects.