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Why Utah Real Estate Remains Productive?


In contrast with the overall 2008 real estate forecast that accounts for poor real estate industry, Utah real estate displays its full bloom success showing little implication of poor market trend. Accordingly, the productive Utah real estate derives its sustainability from its positively-driven economy as well as its suitable demographics. These factors insulate Utah real estate from predicaments faced by the whole real estate industry of the country at present.

Accordingly, the strong and competitive job market in Utah also contributes to the steadily escalating status of the real estate market in the state, as greater job penetration would mean an increase in the demand of housing. This healthy Utah real estate condition was mentioned in the 29th annual report carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers in partnership with the Urban Land Institute.

Utah’s powerful economy drives the continuous progress of Utah real estate. This was mentioned by the speakers of the report. This study goes to show that, should there come a time when the Utah real estate market falls, the state has the potential to pick itself up quite easily. As an example, office vacancy in the year 2002 faltered, but today, it met its equilibrium at approximately 11 percent. In addition, the strength of office absorption cannot be attested as well. At present, there is a projection of low vacancy rate, strong lease penetration, and low construction rate in the market. In terms of residential real estate, there is a strong clamor for housing and high demands for spaces as well, thus manifesting a strong market in terms of housing. There are actually more than 18,000 residential listings reported last year.

Years 2002, 2003, and 2004 have not been very good years for the real estate market in Utah. As a matter of fact, history will tell that in 2003, Utah real estate market proved to be the single poorest real estate market. But today, Utah real estate dramatically rises as the single most powerful real estate in the economy. In addition, a Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (FHEO) report showed that Utah residential prices have risen by 17 percent in the last 3 months, as compared to the same period in the previous year.

In general, the booming real estate in Utah contributes to the survival of the overall real estate industry. Also, it is known that the real estate market in Utah is less likely to fall because of its strong economy, demography, and job market. Furthermore, it is noted that Utah has the capacity to overcome any risk of trouble in the real estate industry.

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