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Micro Business Loans: Keeping it Small


Many people may have the entrepreneurial spirit but they do not necessarily have means to let their dreams come true. Business loans are the ideal solution for just about anyone who wants to start a small company from scratch or take over an existing organization.

The loans for businesses serve many purposes. This type of advance is commonly used to significant purchases like real estate and renovation projects. Furniture, equipment and machinery are other pricy items that can factor into a new company’s budget. These items and renovations add up very quickly.

There are occasions in which the proprietor does not need quite so much money. Micro business loans are the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who need 35,000 dollars or under. These advances are often reserved for start-up costs for small organizations or to help newly established companies.

The micro loan for small companies typically has a term of six years. Each lender will have its own guidelines and requirements for the applicant to consider. Every micro advance will require collateral in order to secure the debt. The debtor should demonstrate willingness to repay as well as reliability.

Some lenders require the businessperson applying for a micro loan completes business planning and training programs in order to be considered for the advance. Each lender will clearly designate acceptable training and planning requirements for their respective agencies.

The Small Business Association is a wonderful resource for new businesspeople that need business loans. The SBA imparts funds to nonprofit lenders that approve loans to small business owners. The lender still makes the approval decision depending on the applicant’s credit history among other factors.

Uses of Micro Loans

These small business loans have various uses. Some applicants need extra money to purchase supplies and inventory. This is typically necessary during the first stages of development. However, some small companies find themselves running short on inventory and supplies without enough funds for restocking.

Working capital is another great use for micro loans. There are times when a small organization will experience negative working capital. In a nutshell, this means that the company’s liabilities are in greater number than its assets. A small loan for businesses can help these companies create a balance.

Machinery and equipment can prove to be a significant expense for many proprietors. Repair and maintenance can be quite costly as well. A micro business loan is ideal for making these costly purchases without dipping into the company’s assets.

There are many benefits to keeping it small when it comes to getting funds for your small business. The micro advances are fairly easy to acquire especially compared to conventional bank loans. The debts are paid off in a handful of years. The Small Business Association also helps creditors and debtors in creating the micro business loans through funding.

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