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Yes You Can! Bad Credit Business Loans


Many people think that flawed credit it the final nail in their financial coffin. However, bad credit business loans are viable options for countless entrepreneurs that have less than desirable reputations as debtors. The flawed histories come in different forms. Some lenders look at a person’s personal history as well as their professional character as a debtor.

The outlook may seem bleak when an applicant first begins the process of finding the right loan when his past payment history is flawed. This is especially true if he simply looks at the numbers and percentages. There are some things to consider when approaching lenders when you have less than perfect payment histories.

Bad credit business loans are not easy to get. In fact, over eighty percent of loan applications are rejected. It helps to know exactly what a lender considers in the process of approving or declining a commercial loan in order to prepare for your own application process.

The Whole Picture

Many lenders consider every aspect of the applicant. This includes the feasibility of the business, the applicant’s plan of action and the organization’s ability to pay back the debt. If a company is very promising then the probability that it will be funded is greater. Basically, the more money the business is projected to make, the better chance that the bank will approve the loan.

However, many lenders also look at the business owner as an individual. This can be detrimental to an applicant that has a sketchy credit history. Many lenders will not even consider lending money to an individual that has a low credit score no matter how promising his endeavor may be.

In a nutshell, lenders will look at the whole picture before making a decision. They do not want to make a bad investment. While the business itself may seem very promising the loan may still be declined if the proprietor does not seem as promising.

Steps to Getting Bad Credit Business Loans

The prospect of getting a business loan with bad credit may seem impossible. However, you can take certain steps to help ensure that you and your endeavors are approved. This is simply part of preparing for the application process. Some applicants need to do a little more work than others.

The first thing you should do is to separate yourself from your business. In order to do this you need to form a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). This immediately creates a clear distinction between your personal assets (and your credit history) from your business. It also helps to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) as well.

The EIN can be used to establish a business credit profile. Your personal bad credit history has no bearing on this profile. Work towards building a sound reputation for timely repayment for your business profile. In the meantime, work on correcting your personal debt as well.

Finish the process by preparing a collection of financial statements that pertain only to the credit profile under your Employer Identification Number. Once your personal and your professional finances are completely separated, the prospect of getting bad credit business loans

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